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Reese is an award winning tattoo artist and fine artist.
You may have seen her on SpikeTv hit show Tattoo Nightmares Miami as well as VH1’s Chicago Black Ink.

She would consider herself a wanderlust; galavanting around the world with her tattoo machine in hand. She currently works in her private shop located in North County San Diego.

Reese had always been an art enthusiast, never truly experiencing organic artistry through painting, colored pencils, and tattoo machines until her early 20s. Although most would say that she had an innate ability to create, she would also account it to the blood, sweat, and tears she poured into every piece of art she had done throughout her formal training at Academy of Art University as well other private studios around Los Angeles.

A parasite for knowledge with a workaholic mentality, she still attends numerous art seminars and classes, where she continues to hone her skills. Her obsession with “wanting more” continue to be the keys that unlock her ever growing imagination.


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