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MY First Blog Ever

I have to admit that when I had decided to blog, the first thing that came to mind was a blank. I just stared at my computer screen, with its lonely blinking cursor. I mean, what do I write about? How do I even start? I know that I am passionate about a lot of things, but for some reason, that aggravating blinking cursor just kept on blinking.

So I went out with a friend, who happens to be an avid blogger, to pick her brain about how she started. She explained that blogging is easy once you get the hang of it. Just talk about your daily routines, your job, or things that are going on in your life.

Well, although it was helpful advice, still not one word written down. At this point, I was having a bit of writers block, or maybe bloggers block.

As I am about to call it quits, I ask my inner yogi what would she do. (Not a joke, I speak to her all the time.) I decided to just close my eyes, take a deep breath, and let my fingers do the talking. Page after page of typing as fast as I could. Just talking about anything and everything.

All the writing was nonsense. Didn’t have any rhyme or reason to them, just put words to paper. And after reading about ten pages of unorganized, undisrupted mental banter, I ended up finding something quite unexpected. It became clear as to why I was having a hard time writing.

Although I found that I do have a lot of subjects I could write about, I realized that in writing them, I kept scratching them off of the board. Because in my mind they were not good enough. I was self conscious. Afraid that what I wrote wasn’t profound enough for others to read. What I have learned through my life wasn’t worth sharing. There is someone else that has probably already written about it, right, so why should I?

What a load of shit! I could not believe those were the thoughts that controlled my mind! I cared so much of what others thought. I had always thought of myself as a pretty confident human, but it just goes to show that we all have our insecurities.

With all that being said, the moral of this bloggers first blogging experience is to just do what makes you feel uncomfortable. So what if you fail. What’s the point in winning if there wasn’t the slightest feeling of failure. Success = your dreams + fear + doing it anyway!

Don’t stay in your comfort zone! We call it a “comfort zone” because it is where we feel safe. Those safety walls we surround ourselves with only allow us to observe a window of opportunity, but we have to go past our comfort zones in order to climb through them.

Putting yourself in uncomfortable position will only help you grow as a person whether or not it gets you where you want to be or even if you fail to do it. At least you tried.

So cheers to my very first blog about breaking down my own mental blockades and growing a pair of labias. Flipping the bird to the self conscious me who would rather quit and stay in her comfort zone, and allowing room for the more confident me to take charge. It will be hard. And I will have days where I doubt myself, but Fuck it! I’ll give it that good ole college try. (Whatever the hell that means!)

This is to those that may have those same feeling of insecurities of trying new things, or starting a new business, or taking on that triathlon, or even starting a blog. I hope you find yourself reinvigorated. We all have something to say, and our own unique way of saying it. Now go out there, and like my sister always says, “Kick today in the Dick!”

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