Buying online bathing suits.. yah or nah?

/Buying online bathing suits.. yah or nah?

Buying online bathing suits.. yah or nah?

Ladies. Lets talk about bathing suits here for  a second. We are now in an age, where most of our purchases come from online shopping, so how do we know how our purchases will fit us.
We fuckin don’t!

I was pretty upset when I received a couple of bathing suits that were a bit more expensive, compared to the usual suits i normally buy such as Forever21 and Zaful. My size usually runs about a size small from any company I buy from and will fit pretty spot on. But with this particular website, who had not only asked for me to be a part of their affiliate program and required that I purchase 2 suits instead of 1 it did not work out at all! So I ask.. how do you purchase bathing suits online???

       Here is my experience.. even with a promo discount code, the purchase was still fairly high. So I automatically assumed the suit would be true to size as it should have been, and of good quality. So when I finally received the suits after waiting 3 long weeks, not only did they NOT FIT, but the quality felt like a cheap Halloween costume. So what’s the lesson learned here? I’m not trying to bash or rate this particular company. But it did teach me a lesson that you don’t always get what you pay for and need to be mindful when choosing where you purchase your items. So I did a little research and here’s a couple of things i recommend before purchasing any clothing for women.

  1. Most of us purchase things from Instagram, follow people with your body type right?
    1. If it is through social media you’re purchasing your products from, be careful with people that pay for their followers.
      1. Look at the “engagement” on a photo posted. They may have a high number of followers, but if they don’t have enough people liking a photo, it may be that those followers are purchased.
  2. As far as choosing the right company.. make sure that company has reputable online reviews.
  3. I found this wonderful app called “SHEIN” where you can see REAL women wearing all of their products. They post their own personal reviews of the products and you can see it on multiple body types, including your own!  It’s great because here you receive real feedback as far as fit, quality, and overall happiness about the product.

I really hope this helps anyone in the same predicament, you’re more then welcome to shoot me a comment below!


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