Life Coaching

Business Coaching

Empowerment Coaching

One on One life coaching and the Instagram Marketing Program.

Life Coaching, and/or Business Coaching emphasis on Tattoo Artists but not limited to.

Empowerment coaching- text to come

Is this for you? Do you want to ….

  • live life more fully
  • growth and happiness
  • dream bigger
  • have positive change in your life
  • have support and to be guided with compassion
  • work at this goal together and apply what you’ve learned into your day to days and routines
  • work on the programs set forth for you
  • be Open-minded and to transform
  • align with your authentic self


What I can do to help:

  • Free yourself of negative talk, thoughts, and beliefs
  • Help identify your passion and purpose in life find the right audience
  • Get clear on your goals and visions, help create your unique map to get there
  • Find your strengths and hone them to make them your superpowers
  • Connect to your authentic self, lead life from your intuition and hear
  • Love what you do, do what you love
  • Create meaningful relationships, expand your network
  • How to prioritize yourself and self care around your busy life


Why is this not for you?

  • are you looking for a quick fix (need to create a solid foundation/groundwork, to get the long standing habits and results you want)
  • Not open minded to commit to yourself, coaching sessions, and/or your business
  • Don’t have the time (Time is prescious and so is the health of your mind for your life and business. If unwilling to commit to the work and time, you cannot create the results)
  • want something easy? I’ve created a simple program, but never said it would be easy. But is growth ever easy?