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A little history about me:

  • I have been attooing since 2013
  • I took quit my corporate accounting job to pursue my Dream as an artist
  • Finally got my tattoo apprenticeship
  • Cleaned lots of toilets and was a “turn and burn” artist until landed my first television show
  • thankful to be an International Traveling Artist
  • Specializes in Realism with geometric and watercolor additives. Prefers to do color, but always down to expand my artistic abilities to go outside the box and my comfort zone
  • Sponsored by World Famous Ink, Atlas Tattoo Supplies, & World Tattoo Events
  • Currently works in a Private Studio in North County San Diego with two other artists Jackie Blaho and Collin Snyder

To book a tattoo send an email and be sure to please be sure to answer all the questions and submit photos-

If I am traveling to a Country/City Near you and you would like to get tattooed by me, please be sure to have the name of the place I am traveling too in the “Subject” Line

for tattoo appointments email:

for tattoo appointments email: